Tropi-Dry 2013 in ACG

Tropi-Dry meeting off to a great start in Santa Rosa.
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Arturo Sanchez welcomed the attendees and talked about how Tropi-Dry will increasingly be focusing on engagement with managers and policy makers. The goals of this meeting are therefore to 1) determine a research agenda for the ACG focused on the general categories or air, land, and water and 2) develop a framework for the distribution of this knowledge over the next five years.

Roger Blanco presented the current state of national and ACG-specific management and research plans in Costa Rica, and discussed how researchers could support these initiatives, and the degree to which these plans imply support for research efforts. He presented some slides on the current threats facing the ACG.

Julio Calvo is currently presenting on hydrological dynamics of different stages of dry forest regeneration and stream flow and rainfall studies in the Guanacaste National Park area of the ACG.

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