Baseline Plan for Horizontes Available

From Compañera Milena Gutiérrez, Coordinator of the Horizontes Experimental Forest Research Station.

Esteemed Friends and Colleagues:
It gives me great Pleasure to share with you the final version of this document “Baseline plan for forest management for the Estacion Eexperimental Forestal Horizontes,” which contains important and extensive information on the resources owned by the station. For us this represents one of the most important steps towards the consolidation of the Horizontes station as the primary center for sustainable forestry in the region.

This is the first of many planned documents and actions which will improve the management and sustainable use of our dry secondary forest and native forest species on private land and help us to approach true carbon neutrality.

It also represents a tool that will help us as ACG to once again break paradigms and modify schemes within SINAC.

This is an achievement that could only be realized through the collaboration of one of our key strategic partners, the school of Forestry at ITCR, the extraordinary effort and dedication of Priscilla and, of course, and he commitment and dedication of each and every member of the staff of the Station.

I hope it will be as useful for everyone as it is for us at the station.

To all, thank you for your contributions that have allowed us to present this document today.

This post is also available in: Spanish

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