Rainfall 2014 : The Story so Far

As you can see from the graph 2014 has been extremely dry in Guanacaste. Here’s the rainfall so far – just 702 mm – and the rains are expected to end for the year sometime in the next couple of weeks. Here’s 2012 for comparison, which was itself a dry year. Thanks to Maria Marta Chavarria for the information. (Update: the repository of past ACG weather data is here for comparison, a less up-to-date version is here if the ACG site is down.)
PP Santa Rosa enero a setiembre 2014

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One Response to Rainfall 2014 : The Story so Far

  1. Fernando says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I’ve also been monitoring the rainfall situation in Santa Rosa. You might be interested in this plot of cumulative annual rainfall between 1979 to 2014. Through the end of August, 2014 was the driest year on record for Santa Rosa, but we made up some ground in September. Unless October is very rainy, it’s still on pace to be the driest year in well over a decade.