Researcher Input Requested – New Nature Trail

IACG sent around this email on behalf of the Ecotourism program. We are posting it here as well to try to reach as many people as possible. If you have research activities near the existing trails, this could affect you, so please take the time to respond to this request.

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The Eco-tourism Program in ACG is interested in expanding a trail system near the Casona to showcase important aspects of the forest and ongoing research occurring nearby.

However, as they plan out the trail location they want to ensure that (1) any areas of long-term research or monitoring are avoided so as not to impact the study and (2) any relevant research in the area is described to the public.

To facilitate this process please get in touch with Johan Martínez of the ecotourism program at

1. GPS coordinates of study locations in the Casona area (particularly within the square indicated in the attached image). This will help the Eco-tourism office avoid research plots as they begin planning


2. A short summary or publications that you think Eco-tourism could showcase or describe to visitors.

Even if you don’t have research plots in the area, now would be an opportunistic time to send updated GPS coordinates of your ACG study areas, a short description and any publications resulting from all your awesome work to Roger Blanco (if you have not done so yet). This will help keep Roger’s database up-to-date.

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