iACG meeting May 2012

Queridos amigos,

We will be holding a scientific Open House in the ACG on May 23 and 24th 2012 tentatively titled: “Research and management in the ACG, successes, needs, and future directions.”

The point of this Open House is not to host a formal scientific meeting, but to share information among long term researchers and between researchers and ACG staff. To that end we are organizing presentations from both researchers and ACG programs with an emphasis on opportunities for collaboration between the two groups.

If you (or your students) are interested in attending, please contact one of us so that we may include you or members of your lab in the schedule of talks and keep you in the loop as we hammer out a schedule of activities.

Our current plans include:

  • a poster session for students
  • talks by long term researchers giving an overview of their research program
  • talks by ACG program staff describing the current activities of their programs and opportunities for collaboration with researchers
  • a panel discussion about the relationship of research and management in the ACG,

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you,

Jennifer Powers, Jeff Klemens, and Sal Agosta

This post is also available in: Spanish

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