Research Talk on Parakeets

Krisztina Mosdossy hosted a research talk this week by Dr. Thorsten Balsby. Here’s Krisz’s report on the event.

Thorsten Balsby gave a great talk on orange-fronted conures (Aratinga canicularis) on the night of July 13th in Sector Santa Rosa of the ACG. Despite a few technical difficulties, Thorsten enlightened the audience of the fascinating world of conure communication. Thank you very much Thorsten and everyone who attended. This was the first of a series of talks given by anyone who does research in the ACG. The purpose of this series is to network and stay in the know of each others’ research as the year(s) progresses. There is a line-up of about two or three presenters to give talks in the next month, so stay tuned!

Thanks Krisz. We will post information any more talks here on the blog as they are scheduled.

This post is also available in: Spanish

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