A Community of Researchers, Students, and Staff Learning Together

Dr. Amanda Melin, longtime ACG researcher and current postdoc at Dartmouth University, took time last Wednesday night to address a group of ACG researchers, ACG staff, and a group of high school students participating in a Brown University/iACG environmental leadership course.

The talk focused on the role of fig trees (Ficus sp.) in tropical dry forest regeneration, and described efforts currently underway to map current fig distributions to micro-habitats in the ACG. From the number of questions it was clear that the audience was highly engaged, and I can confirm that the students were still talking about it the next morning.

This kind of event, where different kinds of ACG users can come and sit and learn together, is a great example of how the ACG can transcend individual agendas and function like the community that we at iACG believe that it can be. So thanks to Dr. Melin for sharing her research, and thanks to Krisztina Mosdossy for coordinating the talk. Let’s make things like this a more regular occurrence!

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  1. Krisztina Mosdossy says:

    This is awesome! Thanks Jeff!

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