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Maps and GIS coverages

All maps and GIS coverages were prepared by Waldy Medina of the ACG and are made available here for research and educational uses. Please feel free to create new maps or modify existing ones according your own needs. Our only requests are that you credit Waldy Medina and that you contact us so that we may upload the resulting maps or coverages to this page for use by other researchers. This page is a work in progress, and we hope to have better metadata online for these maps soon. Please direct any comments here.**NEW** Metadata for using GIS coverages.

**New** Gazetteers containing GPS locations for ACG posts and stations (html.xls) and surrounding populations (html.xls)


Maps are divided into four sections: General ACGSectors and StationsPhysical and Biological, andFires. A zip file of all maps in each section is available.

General ACG .zip file of all maps in this section (23.5 MB)

ACG Costa RicaMap showing the location of the ACG within Costa Rica (jpeg, 568 kb)

ACG large map 17 X 22

Detailed map of ACG showing rivers, roads, posts, and administrative districts (jpeg, 1.5 MB)

ACG large map 68 X 49

Detailed map of ACG showing rivers, roads, posts, administrative districts, and elevation lines; same map displayed in Centro de Investigación (Photoshop document, 26.2 MB)

ACG 2005

General map of the ACG, complete through 2005 (jpeg, 1.1 MB)

ACG World Heritage

General map of the ACG World Heritage Site (jpeg, 1,016 kb)

ACG Districts

Administrative districts of the ACG (jpeg, 804 kb)

ACG Agroscape

Map of the ACG showing both the protected areas and agroscape adminstered by the ACG (jpeg, 908 kb)

ACG Marine Area

Coordinates and depth informationfor the marine protected area of the ACG (jpeg, 1.4 MB)

Forest Cover

ACG forest cover calculated from landsat images in 1996-1997 (jpeg, 900 kb)


Schools served by the Biological Education Program (jpeg, 1 MB)


Major rivers and streams in the ACG; shows major drainage patterns (jpeg, 1.2 MB)

Sectors and Stations .zip file of all maps in this section (10.2 MB)

CacaoTrails at the Cacao biological station (jpeg, 820 kb)

Horizontes 11 X 17

Horizontes Experimental Forest Research Station, roads, elevation, and rivers (jpeg, 780 kb)

Horizontes ACG

Detail of intensive use area of the Horizontes Experimental Forest Research Station. (jpeg, 448 kb)

Horizontes Potreros

Map of pastures in Horizontes Experimental Forest Research Station (jpeg, 792 kb)

Horizontes Spittler

Map of vegetation cover in Horizontes Experimental Forest Research Station (jpeg, 2.1 MB), from Patrick Spittler’s 2001 thesis (pdf, 1.8 MB, German).


Map of Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Bahía Junquiall and surrounding area (jpeg, 612 kb)


Map of Sector Murcielago, ACG. (jpeg, 636 kb)


Map of Pitilla biological station, ACG, elevation, rivers and trails (jpeg, 1.4 MB).

Parque Nacional Guanacaste Roads

Map of roads within the Parque Nacional Guanacaste, ACG (jpeg, 388kb)


Map of Parque Nacional Rincon de la Vieja sector of the ACG, includes Pailas and Santa Maria (jpeg, 552 kb)

Rincon – Pailas

Detailed map of sector Pailas and the circular trail around the mud pots (jpeg, 628kb)

Rincon Rainforest

Map of planned and completed purchases for the Rincon Rainforest Project as of 2003 (jpeg, 1.2 MB)

San Cristobal & San Gerardo

Map of the Rincon-Cacao biological corredor including biological stations San Cristobal and San Gerardo and the trails around them (jpeg, 1.3 MB)

Santa Rosa detail

Detail of roads and some trails around administrative area, sector Santa Rosa (jpeg, 840 kb)

Santa Rosa ACG

Map of Sector Santa Rosa, roads, posts, and features (jpeg, 712 kb)

Santa Rosa Roads

Roads within the upland sections of Sector Santa Rosa, including Cafetal, Chiringon, and Roads leading to Santa Elena (jpeg, 732 kb)

Santa Rosa Tourist Map

Tourist map for sector Santa Rosa, ACG (jpeg, 1 MB)

Physical and Biological .zip file of all maps in this section (2.1 MB)

Geology1:200,000 scale map, Liberia sheet. Data from Ministerio de Industria, Energía, y Minas, 1982 (jpeg, 688 kb). Key to geological formations here (microsoft word document, 28 kb)


1:200,000 scale map, Liberia sheet. Data from the Oficina de Planificación Sectorial Agropecuaria (jpeg, 732 kb). Key to soil associations here (microsoft word document, 32 kb)


1:200,000 scale map, Liberia sheet. Data from Luís Diego Gómez’s classification of Costa Rica (jpeg, 752 kb). Key to vegetation classification here (microsoft word document, 36 kb)

Life Zones

1:200,000 scale map, Liberia sheet. Holdridge life zones, data from Centro Cientifico Tropical (jpeg, 712 kb)

Fires .zip file of all maps in this section (984 kb)

Fuegos 1999Location of fires in the ACG, 1998-1999 (jpeg, 168 kb)

Fuegos 2000

Locations of fires in the ACG, 1999-2000 (jpeg, 600 kb)

Fuegos 2000 area

Locations and area burned for fires in the ACG, 1999-2000 (jpeg, 612 kb)

GIS coverages file of all GIS coverages currently available for the ACG (28.2 MB)

Areas protegidas

.zip file of GIS coverages for the terrestrial ACG, marine area and surrounding agroscape, as well as individual shape files for many of the protected areas within the ACG (256 kb)


.zip file of two GIS coverages containing the roads of the ACG. “cami-claves” contains the main roads in and around the ACG, “caminos” contains more complete information on the road system in and around the ACG (2.2 MB)

Capas 200,000

.zip file of 1:200,000 scale coverages of climate, soils, vegetation types, geology, and life zones of the ACG (1.2 MB) Keys to these coverages are available as a .zip file of microsoft word documents (36 kb)

Elevation lines

.zip file of elevation lines for the ACG and surrounding landscape. The six coverages contained correspond to individual map sheets for northwest Costa Rica (7.6 MB)


.zip file of coverages containing partial fire data (locations and in some cases area burned) from the ACG 1998-2001. (1.5 MB)

Populations and posts

.zip file of coverages containing cities and town surrounding the ACG, and the posts within it. Puestos contains the posts and biological staitons of the ACG. Poblaciones contains surrounding cities and towns. Localidades contains three outlying communities affected by the Rincon Rainforest project. Escuelaspeb contains the schools served by the Biological Education Program of the ACG (16 kb)

Rivers and Streams

.zip file of coverages of rivers and streams within the ACG and surrounding area. 7mergerios contains all mapped rivers and streams. riosyquebradas contains names for rivers and streams for the area pertaining to Rincon de la Vieja (the curubande map sheet) and 6rios contains the same information as 7mergerios without the Rincon de la vieja information such that these two coverages together contain all rivers and streams covered in 7mergerios (1.5 MB)


.zip file of an incomplete set of coverages for trails in a few sectors of the ACG. Currently contains coverages for trails in Santa Rosa (incomplete), San Cristobal and San Gerardo, Pitilla, and Cacao (68 kb)

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