ION-E Workshop, August 2010

The final report of the iACG ION-E workshop is now available, the abstract is below, and the full report can be accessed here:

From August 16th-20th a meeting was held at the Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota, that brought together a number of ACG researchers and staff to plan the future of the iACG initiative. The meeting opened by defining areas of shared needs and common interests between researchers and the larger ACG. The group was in general agreement that better communication of information among researchers and between researchers and ACG managers and educators could result in higher research productivity, more effective management in the ACG and increased opportunities for collaboration.
We concluded that the information that needed to be communicated fell into three general categories: 1) archived scientific and natural history information generated by past projects that is unavailable to many ACG users, 2) information that would be “useful” for management that could be generated by researchers in the future, and 3) information on researchers and projects that are currently active and ongoing within the ACG. It was agreed that developing an on-line solution could address all three information types. This solution would consist of 1) a virtual library that holds a bibliography of past ACG research, as well as the capacity to hold many other information types that are generated by research, including natural history and organismal trait data, GIS coverages, maps, photographs, videos and other digital resources 2) a set of communications tools that allows easier access to the research community by ACG managers, and vice versa, and 3) an online permitting and reporting system for ACG research to keep track of data and products from current research projects.
In order to implement this solution, a number of committees were formed, including committees to work on technological issues, grants and funding for iACG, paper or traditional iACG publications, including an eventual “ACG synthesis book” to be modeled after the “green book” of La Selva, and a committee to take charge of the ACG data archive. A set of goals and target dates for those committees were established, and tentative dates for follow-up meetings to take place in June of 2011 and 2012 were set.

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